Custody Disputes with Gregory Futch


If you have a custody dispute that is the most important part of your case. You should know what to expect, hire Gregory Futch because he has 30+ years of experience handling all types of custody cases in Sonoma County. Custody cases can be complicated but some of the basics of custody disputes are:

  • California law clearly states that it is the "best interests of the child" that matter
  • California law requires that all custody disputes go through court ordered mediation. In Sonoma County, the mediator tries to get parents to come to agreements and they are highly successful but if no agreement is reached, the court mediator makes a recommendation to the Judge.
  • California law allows for the appointment of an expert psychologist to perform a custody investigation if there is a serious custody dispute. These investigations are expensive but often are the best way to resolve a serious custody dispute. The expert performs psychological tests of both parents, performs clinical interview and does home visits. 
  • California law and Local Rules of Sonoma County grant to custody matters a preference in the setting of a custody dispute for trial

Obtaining experience legal assistance is important, consider hiring Gregory Futch.