Divorce Disputes with Gregory Futch

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If you need to go through a dissolution of marriage / divorce you should know what to expect. Hire Gregory Futch because he has 30+ years of experience in Santa Rosa, CA & Sonoma County handling all types of divorces. Divorces can be complicated but some of the basics are: 

  • California is a no fault divorce state with community property laws
  • California promotes the best interests of the child. 
  • Under California law, marriages of ten years or longer are presumed to be of long duration which makes the spousal support issues more significant. 
  • Under California law, community property and obligations are to be divided equally but that's not always an easy task - experienced legal assistance can help you get you your fair share of the property.

Obtaining experienced legal assistance is important. It has been said in Sonoma County family law courts that if you are injured you should see a doctor but if you are going through a divorce, you should retain an attorney to assist you.