Meet Gregory Futch

Family Law in Santa Rosa, CA

Personal Statement: Since my law practice was my second career, I always wanted to work for myself. One of the most fun decisions my wife and I ever made was our decision of where to live after I graduated from laq school in 1984. After lots of research and thought, we decided on Sonoma County and we have never regretted that decision. 
Since I was going toopen up a solo practice in a town where we didn't know anyone, I came up with a very simple business plan. I was going to keep my overhead very low in an executive office suite and keep my hourly rate as low as possible to attract middle class clients who didn't have deep pockets but needed the services of a fmaily laq attorney. I offered from the beginninng low retainers and monly payment plans, then later added the convenience of accpeting credit cards. 
My law practive grew wuickly but even when I became very busy and successful, I stayed true to this business model. I tried over the years other areas of the law but that just confirmed for me that I preferred helping people wit hfamily law issues. Now I'm nearing retirement and owkring less than full time but stilll seeking to provide legal services in family law matters at a reasonable cost for those who might not otherwise be able to afford such services. 

Education & Work History

Bachelor of Economics with honors from UC Riverside                 1971
MBA degree wiht highest honors from Golden Gate University      1981
Juris Doctorate degree with highest honors from McGeorge          1984
US Army Security Agency            1971 - 1974
Supermarket Management           1974 - 1981
Family Law Attorney Santa Rosa   1984 - present