Rochelle P. | Santa Rosa, CA

"Greg Futch has the balls to go up against anyone in court. I was quite blown away by the favorable results we achieved in our custody case! Highly recommended. Very pleased with the results!"

Chris C. | Santa Rosa, CA

I have known Greg for many years and he is an extremely good attorney and he works hard for his clients. He is always well prepared and he brings a level of experience to the courtroom that is far above. He fights. Period.

John W. | Santa Rosa, CA

Greg is an outstanding criminal defense and domestic attorney and great member of our legal community.

Andrew L. | Sebastopol, CA

He knows Family law. Highly experienced. Generous with his time. Try him out!

Ana | Santa Rosa, CA

Mr. Futch is top notch. His knowledge, care and concern was overwhelming. I would fully recommend Mr.Futch for all of my family legal needs. He is the only one that would listen to your legal needs and will do all he can to help you. Thank You Mr. Futch!!!!